Wei Bio

Education and Training

  • B.S. 2002 University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Ph. D.   2003-2008  Watson School of Biological Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York 

  • Postdoc.  2008-2011 University of California , Berkeley 


  • 2003 George A. And Marjorie H. Anderson Fellowship, The Watson School of Biological Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
  • 2004-2008 Leslie C. Quick Fellowship, The Watson School of Biological Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • 2012 Brinson Foundation Award
  • 2012 Whitehall Foundation Grant
  • 2013 Sloan Research Fellowship
  • 2013 E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation Grant
  • 2014 Karl Kirchgessner Foundation Grant
  • 2014 National Eye Institute Research Project Grant (R01)
  • 2016 McKnight Scholar Award


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